Mad Girl.

Every word you write for her,
feels like a stabbing in my chest.

Say I’m alone.

I feel empty.
So, so empty.

I keep trying to fill a void that I’m not sure can be filled..
Except by you.

The loneliness has become unbearable.
I feel like nobody wants me around.

I’m sorry that you have to see
the strength inside me burning.

Does it drive you wild
Or just mildly free?

I’ve been craving a new city and a new life.
I don’t know where I belong anymore..

You say near you.
But what would that change anyhow?

My new muse.

A new spark from an old flame,
I think I actually feel content.
I hope I’m not just fooling myself.

Today, I having nothing poetic to say.
I’m just angry and tired.
Tired of wasting time.
Tired of getting hurt.


geraldflynt asked:

What are your plans now that you've graduated?


Well right now I have a full-time summer job. I’m currently looking for “real” jobs and trying to figure out where I want to go. I want to move to either Chicago, New York or California. My ultimate goal is to get into fashion photography, but it’s a difficult industry. I’m also very into retouching and I’m quite good at it, so I wouldn’t mind a job in that either :)

P.S. I really hope this wasn’t from a long time ago because I just saw this message somehow!


croftphoto asked:

I enjoy your work. Keep it up :)


Thank you so much! :)

Infatuation never ends up right. At least I won’t be alone tonight.

I remember when it was my skin you wanted to touch,
When I was the one you wanted to wake up to every morning.
What ever happened to that?